Avoid Mistakes When Searching to Buy a Home

Don't Make This Mistake with Looking to Buy a Home

Published | Written by Jerry Newman

Now that the weather is turning around in Texas, you might be thinking about starting the home search process. Once you’re viewing homes in person, you may be tempted to fall into the trap that ensnares many buyers: letting relatively small flaws or easy fixes influence your decision about a home. Vetoing homes because of patchy yards or outdated fixtures can lead to months of frustrated searching and a shorter and shorter list of potential properties.

Remember, we are presently in a seller’s market in many of our communities in and around city. Those few homes that appear to be in perfect condition will most likely have buyers competing with multiple offers.

It’s typical to encounter properties with minor cosmetic issues—these shouldn’t be confused with major issues such as a cracked foundation or leaking roof that can take significant time and financial investment to address. Squeaky doors, faded carpet, or paint colors that aren’t your favorite are much easier to handle. Even outdated fixtures, appliances, and kitchens counters can be replaced.

Some of these homes may be a perfect fit for an FHA 203K rehabilitation loan. Sellers may even be willing to offer buyer concessions to address some of these minor cosmetics repairs. Plus, you won’t be competing with other buyers in this present seller’s market.

If you reject a home simply because of issues like these, your Texas REALTOR® will remind you that these are quick fixes that allow you to personalize the home. You may even be able to turn outdated or unattractive features into negotiating points.? It’s in your best interest to see past those small concerns and take in the whole picture of what could be your dream house.


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