Downsizing: The Benefits and How to Pull It Off

Downsizing: The Benefits and How to Pull It Off

Published | Written by Jerry Newman

If you’ve raised your children in your current home and like where you live, you may find it hard to leave it in favor of a smaller place even after the kids have moved out. The truth is that downsizing has many benefits, but you need to make smart decisions throughout the process in order to have a smooth and successful transition. Here are some important details to know about downsizing.

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 Benefits of paring down

There are lots of reasons to cut down on square footage. Having less house to heat and cool is one, and a smaller roof to repair or replace is another. A smaller yard is often part of the package, and just having less floor to vacuum can be a boon. Among the biggest reasons people choose to downsize is because it has so many financial advantages. Here are some of the benefits of living a more simplified life.

How downsizing saves you money

How to downsize your daily expenses

Surprising financial benefits of downsizing your home

Finding a new place to live

Choosing a new home is rarely a simple process, and it should always begin with your personal situation. Take time to evaluate your priorities. What do you want out of your next location? Will it put you closer to friends and family, or perhaps you’re looking to get away from the daily rigamarole? Additionally, there are special considerations you should make when you’re looking for a downsized dwelling. These insightful articles will help you narrow down your prospects.

How can a real estate agent help me with my downsize?

Is now the right time for me to downsize?

How much house can I afford?

How much will I pay in moving expenses?

Getting your current home ready to sell

If downsizing sounds attractive to you, then you’ll want to increase the resale value of your home before taking the plunge. One of the best ways to do so is to make home improvements. Major home modifications will require a professional’s expertise, but there are many DIY projects that can make your home stand out among a sea of others in your local market. And happily, there are plenty you can do with just a small investment of time, money and energy. Evaluate your home for areas of improvement, then consider the following:

How much should you budget for home repairs for the home you’re selling?

Does your home’s exterior need help? Explore DIY curb appeal ideas that anyone can do

Give your walls a lift with artist-created temporary wallpaper that goes on and comes off easily, or freshly repaint all your walls with a very neutral color. 

How to deep clean your carpets so they look like new when it’s time for a house showing.

Downsizing has both financial and emotional benefits, since fewer responsibilities around the house can add up to more leisure time and less stress. When it’s time to downsize, make sure to complete needed repairs on your current home to get the most resale value out of your home. You can take that profit and put it toward your downsized future! Consider using a Veteran Owned Moving Company. 

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