Top Things That Can Get Your House Sold in No Time

Top Things That Can Get Your House Sold in No Time

Published | Written by Jerry Newman

The way you prepare your home for an open house can make the difference between a quick sale and having the property sit on the market. Courtesy of Jerry Newman of Brown Realty and Property Management, here are some time-efficient and budget-friendly tips for getting a house ready for sale.

Your Clutter Has to Go

First, you’ll need to get rid of your clutter, and you’ll need a clear plan. You’ll need bins or bags that have been tagged with labels such as “Toss,” “Donate,” and “Keep” so you can categorize as you go along. Once you have your containers, go through each room and clear out the clutter.

This article from The Spruce can help you identify the items you can add to your toss pile immediately. This includes plastic cutlery and condiment packets from your kitchen as well as takeout menus and old equipment manuals. Clothing, shoes, and accessories that are in good condition that you no longer wear can be donated to a charity or shelter. If the toss pile is more than your regular garbage collector can handle, you’ll need to research the cost of renting a dumpster so you can factor it into your budget.

Buyers Like a Blank Canvas

Real estate agents advise that depersonalizing your home has a positive impact on getting your house sold. When you remove some of your personal items, buyers get the opportunity to see themselves living in the home. There’s a delicate balance between making the home feel cozy and it being overly personal, though. You can keep a couple of family photos and one or two refrigerator magnets. If your home has wallpaper or bright paint colors that wouldn’t appeal to the average buyer, these will need to go.

According to USA Today, a fresh coat of paint can increase  your home’s value by as much as three percent. If you’re on a budget, it pays to prioritize the rooms you’d like to paint, so focus on the kitchen, living room, bathrooms, and foyer if needed. While white is still a popular neutral color, beige and light grays are also good. Make your front door pop by painting it navy blue.

Show Your Home’s Best Features

Depending on your budget, you may be able to hire professional stagers. If that’s too expensive, then these home staging tips from Real Simple could be just what you’re looking for. Alternatively, spend a little time researching real estate websites to get an idea of how other homeowners are staging their houses for the market.

Before staging, make sure the house is thoroughly cleaned including rugs and carpets. You should replace old drapes with window treatments that will brighten the home. Adding mirrors to a room can be a nice touch that makes it feel lighter and bigger than it actually is. The furniture should be arranged to show a clear flow and shouldn’t overpower the space. If you have a lot of furniture that can’t be used during staging, use a self-storage unit to keep your personal items secure while you wait for the house to be sold.

And don’t forget your home’s exterior. Clean up your yard as much as possible by removing debris and leaves and freshening up flowers. To really boost your curb appeal, you may want to invest in landscape design services to help you create a beautiful plan for your yard. You can then either implement the design on your own or hire professional landscapers. Either way, the improved curb appeal will improve your chances with buyers.

Know What to Expect

With more buyers using online realtor websites, you’ll need to have photos of your home available. If you have experience with taking real estate photos, then you can handle it. If not, you’re best off hiring a real estate photographer with a strong portfolio of work and the right equipment. To get the most impact, make sure the home is clean and properly staged. It’s best if rooms are photographed when they’re well-lit by natural lighting, and make sure to highlight must-see features of your home like solar panels, steam showers, or views of the water.

While a realtor can handle your open house, it’s your job to keep the house in show-ready condition. You should keep the house clean and make arrangements for the house to be unoccupied at the time of the open house.

Before putting your home up for sale, be sure to declutter, depersonalize, and accentuate your home’s features. All the steps involved in selling a house can seem overwhelming at first, but they will be worth it once you sell your home.

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